Brewing With CHEMEX® Coffeemakers

How to Brew the best cup you have every time you have it

® Iced Coffee

What You'll Need 

iced coffee what you'll need


5 5oz cups
2 Cups ice
12 Tbsp Coarse Ground Coffee
2 Cups Water 

or to make 

2 5oz cups
1 Cup ice
6 Tbsp Coarse Ground Coffee
1 Cup Water 

Step 1

Place ice cubes into the CHEMEX®

Step 2

Place a CHEMEX® Bonded Filter into the cone shape so that the one side of the cone
has three layers, and place it into the top of the CHEMEX®. The thick (three-layer) portion
should cover the pouring spout.


Step 3

Place the filter in the CHEMEX® and the coffee in the filter.


Step 4

Just before water boils, remove your kettle from stove top and let water settle. Begin by pouring enough
water to just saturate coffee bed. Let bloom for 30-45 seconds. Continue to brew coffee by pouring water
slowly over grounds in a circular motion, just enough to wet the grounds. Wait about 45 seconds, and then
continue to pour water slowly over the grounds.

Step 5

Wait approximately 4 minutes for the brew to finish, serve coffee over ice and enjoy!

Download the CHEMEX® Iced Coffee Recipe Card Here