Filter Folding 101

Filter Folding 101

How to brew the best cup you have, every time you have it


Traditional Filter Folding InstructionsTraditional Filter Folding Instructions


Traditional Folding Instructions 1-2

Step 1: Fold the Chemex filter in half. Then fold in half again, bringing the two corners together. Place your finger between the 3rd and 4th layer and open into a funnel.

Step 2: Place the funnel in the top portion of the Chemex coffeemaker, with 3 layers on the groove side. The groove is an air vent (as well as the pouring spout) and allows air to escape from the lower portion of the coffeemaker, letting the coffee filter at the proper rate. Placing the filter as directed prevents vent clogging and facilitates filtration.

Step 3: Put coffee in the filter paper cone. Use one heaping tablespoon per cup of coffee (adjust to personal taste if needed after first brew).

Step 4: Refer to the brew instructions for remaining steps.

Half Moon Filter Folding InstructionsHalf Moon Filter Folding Instructions



Square Filter Folding InstructionsSquare Filter Folding Instructions